An Open Letter To Amtrak About Their Environmental Policies.


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  1. You are so lucky to get Amtrak! It goes all the way around SD, and we are a rather bare state granted, but it would be great to be able to access some accessible transportation to go across the state. I took them before, and the have a accessible car for wheelchairs, including the bathroom, and had to have someone go get the food for me, but other than that, it worked for me. If it would just go through the state from Sioux Falls area through to the Black Hills would be great! I agree with you on all the waste with the plastic, and not using recycled products.

  2. Well put and well argued. I’m with Jenni, despite the abundance of train traffic in Northern Colorado (and along the Front Range of the Rockies in general) there is a real lack of passenger train options.

    As it currently stands, the tracks are too full of coal, gas, and forest products to make room for anything else.

  3. And in the dining car, everything is plastic – from the utensils to the cups to the plates. Some of this, I hope, gets washed ….

    The problem is that several years ago Congress mandated that Amtrak cut cost in the food service cars. Amtrak’s solution was to eliminate the person who washed the dishes and replace that person with high priced plastic “china” That china is sure to coat more that the person whose job they elininated. The plates are around 90cents a piece and the salad bowls about 50 cents.

    And if you are in-fact washing some of the dishes downstairs, why not wash all of it?

    You only have one person downstairs doing preperation, that’s the “chef”.

    Why can’t they recyle aluminum cans would be another green question.

    Joe Boardman Amtrak’s new CEO is said to be addressing these issues presently.

    I’d be interested in any responce you get from Amtrak

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