Are We Capable Of Fixing The Mess We’ve Created On Our Planet?

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Sometimes I stop and think: Are we really capable of fixing the mess we’ve created on our planet?

Somehow, some of us have this built-in will to make things right, the desire that every single being around us is well and lives in peace, be it human, animal, or plant. At the same time, some others don’t seem to have that desire. They don’t really mind what happens to other beings, as long as it’s not them! I’ll explain myself with my own story.

Ever since I can remember, I felt this overwhelming compassion for every living thing. Whether it was a person, an animal, or a little insect on the floor. I observed them going around, and I thought: they are alive, they are going about doing their thing, they are obviously going somewhere, have a plan for today, have a task to complete, or a job to do. Or maybe simply they are going to play! And that filled me with joy. But suddenly, another child would stamp their foot on to the little insect, or kick the little cat, or beat another child. That saddened me to tears.

The little insect was surely going to collect some food to take back to its nest. The poor cat was going about minding his own business, when a foot kicked him for no reason, and hurt him. The child hadn’t bothered the other one… why beat him up?

All that violence around me, being so young, got to the bottom of my heart, and turned me into a sad little girl. I stayed well away from the others, sitting in my corner, wondering why there was so much evil around me. There were others, solitary children as well, who were alone because they had a defect, wore glasses, were ugly, or just too shy. I just couldn’t understand.

From lonely I went to being a rebel. If that’s how they wanted it, I would be bad, too. But I wouldn’t be bad against others, only against myself. So at school I was caught smoking, copying exams, escaping from school into the woods, skipping school and spending the whole day on my own at the woods… I loved being alone in the woods. There was no pain there. I was one with Mother Nature, and She gave me peace. I used to wish I was a mountain, so no one would ever be able to hurt me.

Time passed and I had to learn how to cope with pain, my pain and other creatures’ pain. Whenever I watched anyone harming a person, or an animal, I felt a stab to my chest. At night I had a hard time going to sleep, thinking about all the bad things that were being done precisely on that moment, and I couldn’t do anything to stop it. Injustice after injustice, and I was there, lying comfortably on my bed. My connection with Mother Nature grew, and so did my love and compassion for her and her creatures. Later on, I became a vegetarian, and a volunteer for the local animal shelter. My beloved grandma, a vegan, and a beautiful soul, was my inspiration and my icon.

Now, the notion that life is sacred is my strongest belief. Every life is worth it, even the tiniest of lives. And we, as humans, as rational animals, as beings with a higher capacity to understand and respect, have the choice to preserve and care for those lives, or to destroy them. There’s no middle way. We cannot choose to save some and destroy others. That doesn’t mean that you are personally responsible for all the lives you can’t save, but if you are indifferent to the world situation, to the injustice and the suffering, and do nothing, you are choosing to destroy. On the contrary, when you decide you are going to do everything in your power to be on the right side, you are a saviour.

That takes me to the question with which I started this post. Will we ever really be able to fix this mess?

Unfortunately, too many people choose indifference. Too many are too comfortable there inside their box, to even think of bothering. Everything’s too much effort when it comes to getting out of their routine. And them, together with the destroyers, who do so for profit, greed, power, or simply because they are stuck in a lower evolution grade, form a huge part of the population of this world.

They are part of the problem. We are part of the solution. Which side will succeed, in the end? Will greed and evil take us all to the bad ending? Things don’t look too promising…But I choose to be optimistic. We shouldn’t give up! Don’t be afraid to spread your message! Don’t have fear of indoctrinating or bothering people! If you speak from the heart, they will understand. They will believe you, and follow your steps, and your guidelines. If not all, many will do.

I’m not pretending to preach or to patronize here. I’m just saying, I have taken the chance myself, with good people who just didn’t know, or hadn’t had the opportunity to envision the path to follow. People have responded. I have shown them what happens when you don’t recycle, or when you waste water or paper. I had to be crude and show them what happens when you’re indifferent to an abandoned animal in the middle of a road, or to thousands of children dying of hunger in Africa.

I have shown them the consequences of a meat-eating population, how that is the biggest contributor to climate change and hunger in the planet, I have shown them how animals are tortured and killed, and natural resources destroyed, all for Man’s selfish purposes.

And I’ve shown them also what they can do to contribute to end all this. I was somehow reluctant at the beginning. I didn’t want to push anyone into doing anything. I’ve always respected everyone’s ways. But this matter is too important to be shy about. And it worked! They reacted, and they thanked me for it, and now they are fighting, each in their own way, to save the planet, to save its creatures. With little, or big actions, here and there, changed ways, and especially, by telling others. And slowly, a small ball of snow was turning into an avalanche!

That’s when I decided to start my own blog. It didn’t matter if it was not the fanciest of sites, what I wanted was the message to spread. And although there are thousands of green webs and blogs out there, there will never be enough. We have to continue spreading the word. We cannot fail our planet and the animals! So don’t be afraid, get out there and say what you have to say! We, the believers, the doers, are a big movement. We will keep growing, and hopefully, one day, humanity will look back in horror, ashamed of what their ancestors did to their planet, and proud of the ones who fought hard to change it.

Every big change in our history was started by a small group of “rebels”. Some countries have a bigger challenge than others. But today, thanks to the Internet, we can all unite and help each other with their own fight. Petitions, campaigns, meetings, demonstrations, conferences, podcasts, ebooks, etc, etc, etc. No action is too small. Every bit helps!

Sites like this one, The Good Human, make me keep my faith, make me proud of some fellow humans who just won’t stop fighting. And make me proud to be part of the SOLUTION. We’ll get there, one day.

Guest post author Cristina says “El Futuro Es Verde is an optimistic site. A modest, very personal green site. A space where I can say what I feel, expose the facts, offer solutions, and interact with similar-minded people. And especially, to spread the message. A message of a peaceful, green, fair future. For us, for all the creatures. Feel free to give your opinion about it, share your ideas, suggestions of contributions, whatever you like. Let’s build a better world together! “

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