Are You A Corporate Watchdog? Take The Quiz.

Take the Responsible Shopper Challenge and test your knowledge of corporate misdeeds! Protect yourself — and all your friends — from buying into corporate wrongdoing. You guys know that corporate malfeasance is a HUGE issue for me, and something I strive to expose here on The Good Human, even if it means that some “allies” in the green movement don’t care for it!

You know that Exxon racks up record breaking profits while contributing massively to climate change. And you know that Wal-Mart has been accused of rising to retail dominance on the backs of millions of sweatshop laborers. But how much do you know about the social justice and environmental track records of the rest of the largest companies? Take this short quiz to test your knowledge of corporate misbehavior and to see if you need to brush up on corporate responsibility.

Some sample questions include:

1) Which agribusiness company was sued by farmers across 13 states in 2007 for bribing other agribusiness companies in an effort to gain complete control over the seed production market?

5) Which car company was found to have committed serious human rights abuses in several countries across the world, according to a 2008 report by the National Labor Committee?

Take the Quiz.

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