Are You Ready For Cloned Meat At The Grocery Store?

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The FDA thinks that you are.

There are so many things wrong with this I barely even know where to start. The FDA is expected to decide by next week that meat and milk from cloned animals is OK for human consumption. They did it tentatively in 2006, but this time it’s for real. Let’s forget for a minute about if it is OK for you or not and think about something else for a moment – they are talking about CLONED ANIMALS. That alone scares the crap out of me, never mind the food that comes from the animals themselves. Why do we need to use the meat and milk from scientifically created cloned animals, you ask?

Corporate Interests.

If they can use only the best meat and milk producing cows, for instance, they can shave millions off their cost basis and make a ton of money more per year, all at the possible expense of our health. That’s not to say they are concerned with it today (pharmaceutical companies, anyone?) but come on – are we really going to be OK with eating meat from a cloned animal? One grown selectively in a test tube? I know I am not, even if they tell me that it is fine to drink their milk. Remember, the government said that DDT and smoking was OK for us at one point too.

Cloned animals have more health problems than natural-born animals do, and that is because of something that goes on inside their bodies during gestation. So if cloning an animal is not good for the animal, is the meat or milk truly good for us? They don’t know yet – but they want to approve the sale of cloned food anyway. Ah, the good ole’ FDA, always looking out for the little guys – multi-billion dollar conglomerates looking to save a buck and appease shareholders.

And the best part of all of this? As of right now, no one has mandated a system to put in place to let us know if and when we are eating cloned meat. Some of the cloning companies have asked for a “voluntary” tracking program, but we all know how those work out. The European Union already bans most meat imported from the U.S. because of the hormone levels we pump our animals full of, and most of their regulators are expected to be against the cloning of animals. It seems we could learn yet another thing from our friends across the pond.

As for me, if the cloned meat and milk make it to market without a tracking and labeling system in place, I will go 100% vegan for sure. It might be hard to do at first, but if I do my best to avoid chemical-laden soaps and cleaning supplies in my home, why in the world would I allow cloned animal products into my body?

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  1. It’s funny when you put into your article that the cloned animals are’nt naturally as healthy as animals who weren’t cloned. Because the fact is most animals we eat are already are horrible for us. Naturally because meat has so much saturated fat and chlorestrol in it already. But in todays factory farms the animals are tortured and fed the most vile chemicals imaginable to fatten the misfortunate animal up. Some chemicals are the ingrediants from Agent Orange used in the Vientam war. Above all almost every since species of animal is tortured in their own way. If we consume death, depression and torture. Does it become part of us? So to say that the animals cloned aren’t as healthy as the ones that aren’t really isn’t saying that much because how unhealthy more can these poor creatures get? What with tuberclosis, staph and lack of almost every other nutrient the body requires of a human or animal.

    Help these animals out today and boycott torture.
    More places to get info besides books are

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