As Promised – The Discount For THINK Chair.


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This discount has ended.

As I have been talking about for the last couple of days, my new Think chair is great! Someone at Steelcase saw my post and has offered a 10% discount to my readers on the purchase of any of the Think Chairs they sell at their Steelcase Store web site. Because I am heading out on vacation tomorrow morning and won’t be here to answer emails, this is what you have to do to get the coupon code to use on the website:

Send an email to and and ask for The Good Human 10% off coupon code. They will email you back with the code that can be used for your purchase.

If you have any questions, you can contact me today either in the comments or by email, and if I cannot answer them, I will pass them along to Steelcase. And if you have been thinking about a new task/office chair, and being “green” is important to you, you might want to consider the Think chair. I finally got mine a few weeks ago and I could not be happier with the purchase.

Oh, and the coupon is good until April 30th!

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  1. Thanks for making that discount available. I have been needing a new desk chair (that won’t kill my back) and took advantage of it to order one. I can’t wait for it to arrive.

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