Ask The Readers: Know Of Any Paraben-Free Sunscreen Available In Europe?


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This weekend I received the following email from a reader:

“About paraben free skin care: can you recommend sun care products that i can buy in europe (Italy) please.”

Since I am in the United States, I don’t often hear about safe products available in other countries. I have heard, however, that the sunscreens available in Europe are not only paraben and other toxin-free, but also do a better job of protecting us from sun damage than the stuff we all use here. Just the other day I had to have something removed from my leg thanks to sun damage; it’s a serious matter!

I wanted to throw this question out there to any readers in Europe or from Europe- Do you guys know about any good, paraben-free sunscreens that are available that my reader should check out? Let me know in the comments if you do!

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  1. Just this week I took delivery of Green People SPF15 Sun Lotion, which I’ve used twice so far. It gives UVA and UVB protection, contains no parabens, has 85% organic ingredients and they donate 30p from each purchase to charity. I have to say I haven’t noticed much difference from most other sun lotions, perhaps a bit thicker but once it’s absorbed by your skin you don’t notice it.

    I also bought their After Sun lotion, but haven’t tried it yet. It’s also paraben free.

    I got them both from Ethical Superstore in the UK ( ) although I had seen them both on other online shops.

  2. Hi!
    In Germany there are two major drugstores: Rossmann and DM. Both of them offer their own organic label. Since I am allergic and can not use products containing paraben, I am only using those products. Or try “Bübchen” – take care, not all of their products are paraben-free, but they offer quite a few (I used on of their sunblockers last week – they also are excellent).

  3. I have a question the other way around!

    I’m from Europe, but going to New York City for 5 months and would like to buy some paraben-free sunscreen somewhere on Manhattan?
    Can anyone recommend a shop that sells this?
    Thanks 🙂

  4. i am new to europe.i am staying in summer started i wan to knw best sunscreen lotion.plz suggest me.

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