Ask The Readers – What Do You Guys Want To Know?


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In the interest of encouraging more comments and conversation amongst us all here on The Good Human, I want to know – what do you want to know? What kinds of things do you want to learn/read/talk about? If you have questions about stuff, please feel free to email me anytime and I will see if I can answer your questions. And if not, I will research the answer. I think the more that we all participate the better the site will be, as not everyone wonders the same thing all the time and some different mindsets will help us all grow. There are now over 1,600 subscribers and several thousand visitors a day – with that kind of muscle, I think we could really work together to figure all this “green” out!

So if you have a question or an idea, don’t keep it to yourself – let me know either by email or you can leave a comment on a post. Maybe your question is one that someone else was wondering about as well! If you have an idea for a guest post you want me to run, please contact me – chances are I would be more than happy to run it on the site. I look forward to hearing from all of you!

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  1. I think you have a diverse blend of Green Living articles and I really can’t suggest that much more.

    I did enjoy the GM foods article (even if I’m slightly pro GM foods), but I always read the counter arguments to my own beliefs — I could be wrong ya know!

    Maybe a few articles on Pickens Plan updates, CNG cars (the new Toyota CNG Hybrid is sweet), status updates on wind energy farms being built. Hope that helps.

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