Change Your Soap, Stinky.

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In the shower this morning, I got to thinking (not something I do very well first thing) about something. When taking a hot shower, our pores loosen up in order to clean out the clogged up dirt, oils, and sebum. But in that process, the pores also allow more stuff back into the body, absorbing water, steam, and any soaps and shampoos we may be using. So while we may be “cleaning” out our pores in the shower, we could also be filling them back up with toxic ingredients if we aren’t using natural and safe products.

There are many (read:most) people who either cannot afford to buy solely “green” products or don’t want to switch over because they don’t think they work as well. That’s ok, I get it, totally understand. I have spent years trying to convince people to start buying or making safer cleaning and skincare items for their home and I have heard every reason to do so or not to do so. However, I wanted to throw this one piece of advice out there for any of you considering a switch or anyone who knows someone who would be open to a very small, unnoticeable change which would go a long way to protecting your most important asset: yourself.

natural soap

Change your soap


Most soaps and shampoos contain toxic ingredients are readily absorbed into your skin during a hot shower or bath. So it’s vital, if you want to keep those things out of your body, to only use quality, nontoxic soaps when it comes to bathing yourself. It’s kind of a no-brainer that costs no more than whatever you are buying now, still does the job, and is better for your health.

Don’t change your cleaning products, your laundry soap, your paper towel use. I get it. I wish you would, but I understand. But at least change the soap you use on your body and in your hair. Pick up something natural and nontoxic so that when it is absorbed through your pores, it’s not going to do any damage. I use Dr. Bronner’s Castile soap for my body and for my hair, and if I shaved I would use it for that as well. One bottle for every purpose, and you could – if so inclined – use it to clean your house with as well.

That is, if you wanted to…

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