Atlanta’s Drought Creating Run On Disposable Plates, Utensils.


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From the category of “wow, that sure seems a pretty stupid way to deal with the problem”, fellow blogging friend FiveCentNickel filled me in on what has been happening down in Georgia since their terrible drought started and has gotten worse. Since they are all just about out of water, residents and restaurants have started a run on disposable cups, plates, utensils, etc – so they can avoid washing the dishes. Which sounds like a good plan, right? Except that A. it creates an environmental nightmare and B. there are still plenty of companies still using the regular amount of water, and some areas are not monitoring their drought laws – so in effect, there are a lot of places still using the same amount of water they did before for cleaning, watering grass, etc.. Good thing one can buy disposable plates so one doesn’t have to run the kitchen sink water for 5 minutes – that way, everyone else can continue watering their grass!

Some news on the drought:

On October 15, they had 3 months of water left.
As of Nov 1, the other states are trying to work out a plan to share water.
As of Nov 21, even the BBC has picked up the story.
FOX Atlanta has a web page dedicated to the drought conditions and water usage restrictions.

This is serious stuff – and I think people should be thinking a little bit “grander” than buying disposable plates in order to not do dishes. And if this is any indication of how the rest of the nation would deal with a severe drought, I think we are in big trouble when that day comes….

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  1. That just sounds down right silly. Just the other day, I saw a news clip about how some people still insist on watering their lawns and being turned in by their neighbors.

  2. So what is more important watching what we put in our landfills, or conserving water. Right now in Atlanta I would say conserving water is more important.

    That people are watering there lawns is irresponsible, Right now people should be proud of there dead grass, it would be a sign that they are conserving water.

  3. Conserving water is – and they should be doing it, then they would not need to buy plastic crap to fill up the landfills. They are not taking this seriously, and instead of only having one environmental problem, they are creating another one as well. The mentality is very strange…

  4. It’s because they don’t think it’s permanent – something or someone will save them, so whatever they’re doing won’t be bad enough to cause another environmental problem.

    And the ones that are still watering their lawns have serious entitlement issues.

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