Australia Could Become First Major Casualty Due To Global Warming.

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Yes, you read that right. Due to the drought that has lasted six + years, Australia’s Prime Minister, John Howard, has announced that they might have to switch off the water supply to the farmlands if it does not rain within 2 months. This could end up being the first casualty of global warming, in that the rivers that normally feed the crops have only enough water left in them to provide drinking water. The reasons?

Environmentalists point to the increasing frequency and severity of drought-causing El Niño weather patterns, blamed on global warming. They also note Australia’s role in poisoning the Earth’s atmosphere. Australians are among the world’s biggest per-capita energy consumers, and among the top producers of carbon dioxide emissions. Despite that, the country is one of only two industrialised nations – the United States being the other – that have refused to ratify the 1997 Kyoto protocol. The governments argue that to do so would harm their economies.
-The Independent

Harm their economies? I think they are way beyond that at this point…I mean, the country is about to shut off the water that it needs to grow its food…then what? And before the people even start starving to death, what is happening to the farmers?

Some have already given up, abandoning pastoral properties that have been in their families for generations. The rural suicide rate has soared.

So a Prime Minister who up until oh, about 2 weeks ago or so, said climate change doesn’t exist and refused to sign the Kyoto protocol, now admits that it might be real because he is faced with political problems. Politics are not going to be your only problem, sir, when your family does not have anything to eat. Let’s hope that it rains real soon there, and let this be a lesson to any other nation on earth; it can happen to you too, and NOW is the time to start focusing on fixing the problem, not when you run out of water. For an industrialized nation to suffer these problems is only the tip of the iceberg if we do not get our CO2 emissions under control, start powering things with that big yellow ball in the sky, and wean ourselves off of fossil fuels. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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