Be A Good Human By Having A Green Wedding With 5 Green Wedding Tips.

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Weddings are very special events that require a lot of time, planning, and money. Your special day can be even more unique if you have a green wedding. There are many different things in weddings that are excessive and wasteful. Here are a few things you can do to minimize your impact on the environment while still have a special wedding that will stand out among its more traditional counterparts.

Alternatives to Traditional Invitations: Many printers now offer recycled paper and environmentally sensitive inks with which you can print out your invitations. Depending on how important you feel invitations are, you may even wish to us evites as a way to inform guest of your special day. Although it may not be conventional, think of the paper that will be saved for other uses.

Vintage and Reused Clothing: It used to be tradition that the bride wore her mother’s wedding dress. These days, many brides spend thousands of dollars on designer dresses that will only be worn once. You may want to look at thrift stores, vintage shops and boutiques, or consignment stores for your dress. There may be a hidden gem waiting for you.

As far as bridesmaids are concerned, rather than having everyone wear the same dress, work on a color scheme and let the bridesmaids pick out dresses that express their individuality while still fitting within the theme of the wedding.

Used Potted Flowers Instead of Cut Flowers: Cut flowers are beautiful, no doubt about it. What if, however, you decided to use flowers that weren’t going to die within a few days to adorn your reception tables? Guests could take the plants home with them and have something to remember your special day with that will last far longer than a simple bouquet.

Have an Outdoor Ceremony: Considering how much energy is used to maintain the lighting and climate control of a large hall, think about having your wedding ceremony and reception outside. During the right time of year, an outdoor wedding is a wonderful setting for such an important event. Experience the magnificence of nature with your guests on your special day.

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