Be Sure To Buy Name Brand CFL Light Bulbs.


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Photo by booleansplit

I learned something very important last week from my Mother-in-Law – when buying Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs, be sure to try to buy only name brand ones. She was showing me some cheapy bulbs she picked up at the local drugstore and the light from them was very bad. It looked like a horror movie light, all yellow and dull – it was not very pleasing at all. And then we took a look at the name brand bulb (GE, in this case) and you can clearly see the difference in the light quality.

I think the reason so many people don’t like the CFL bulbs is because they buy the cheap, no-name ones you can pick up everywhere. They get them home, plug them in, and then immediately remove them, thinking that they look no different than the fluorescent bulbs from the old days – ugly. But if you pick up the name brand ones, the light quality is great and you won’t have any issues with that old “yellow” look that they used to give off. So if someone you know bought CFL’s and then complained about the light, be sure to mention this and maybe they will give a brand name bulb another shot. Better yet, pick them up a name brand bulb and tell them to try it out. I am sure they will be much happier!

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  1. If that was the case, all the bulbs with Energy Star on them would look the same. And I know for a fact that they don’t, as I tested them myself. So while some bulbs are made in the same factory, some are not and sticking with name brand will ensure better quality. That does not hold true for everything ( I love generic stuff) but for these, the truth is in the pudding.

  2. Many off-brand CFL’s are made in the same factories as the name-brand bulbs. In addition, not matter which brand, if it has the Energy Star rating, that means it passed extensive testing to get the rating.

    When you buy the name-brand bulbs, you’re paying for the name.

  3. Any bulb with any shape from any factory can get Energy Star rating as long as it passes indepentant lab testing as outlined by the EPA. 5 different twist bulbs from 5 different factories can all look different and still be Energy Star rated. If you look on the Energy Star website (, you’ll see there are a lot more off-brand Energy Star bulbs than major brands. My only concern with these bulbs is the mercury content.

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