Best Face Moisturizer With SPF Sun Protection


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Last week I received an email from a reader of the site asking about paraben-free moisturizers that contain SPF for sun protection. And while I use Badger’s SPF30 Sunscreen on my face and my body, it’s not exactly a nice, soft moisturizer if that’s what someone is looking for. It works, for sure, but it’s not a moisturizer. Carol was looking for the best face moisturizer with SPF, so I sent her over to EWG’s 2012 sunscreen list for a look.

Their analysis of face moisturizer with SPF showed that many of them don’t really provide long-lasting coverage, but still they were able to suggest a handful of different products that work well and are relatively safe to use. These included:

If you are looking for a face moisturizer that also offers sun protection like Carol is, check out EWG’s list of the Best Moisturizers with SPF for 2012. While sun protection is important, so is choosing a non-toxic product that won’t cause cancer while trying to prevent it.

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  1. I’ve been reading a lot about sun protection lately and trying to decide what to buy.

    I have sensitive skin and I hate the heavy feeling of most sun screen. I hear that the line of B. Kamins sun products are amazing, have you tried or reviewed them? Let me know!

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