Best Place To Buy Inexpensive CFL Light Bulbs – IKEA.


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If you have wanted to switch the lights in your house over to CFL bulbs but have been put off by cost of buying them, you might want to check your local IKEA. We were there yesterday and saw that they are selling a three pack of 11 watt bulbs for only $3.99. 11 watt bulbs are the equivalent of 60 watt incandescent bulbs, and they normally run between $5 -$8 each. Even at that price, they are worth the money because of the amount of energy they save and how long they last, but at $3.99 for 3 of them, this is a steal. Plus, when they do eventually wear out, IKEA will take them back and properly recycle them.

If you don’t have a local IKEA, maybe a friend or family member is near one and can run over and get you some bulbs and ship them to you. Even with the extra cost, they are still cheaper than buying individual ones at other stores.

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  1. We did too Shadox, with their bulbs in the past, but the last batch we got was ok. Plus, they do have CFL’s that look like regular bulbs too (round) that give off pretty decent light. Thanks for the tip!

  2. We bought a number of these IKEA CFLs in the past and my experience is that they have a dismal light output and have a long delay before the turn on. I have had much more luck with other CFLs I bought at Home Depot. The cost seems very low though.

  3. If you don’t have an IKEA near you, you can get 6 packs of 60W equivalent bulbs at Home Depot or Lowes for under ten bucks – and the light output on the Depot/Lowes bulbs is great… Instant on and no noticeable warmup period.

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