Best Tasting Soy “Chicken” Patties I Have Ever Tasted.


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morningstar.jpgLast night my wife made “chicken” sandwiches…that weren’t really chicken. They were breaded soy patties from MorningStar Farms called “Chik Patties Original”. Absolutely amazing. If she had not told me what they were I never, in a million years, would have known that it was not actually chicken meat. We have been trying to watch our meat intake (of every kind) and her finding these patties was fantastic. They taste exactly like a breaded chicken breast…I don’t know how they do it, but they are quite good. You could serve these to guests and they would never know it wasn’t chicken.

I was apprehensive when she told me what they were, but now I know I could eat these in place of chicken anytime. I used to be scared of this stuff, but…yum. Next up, their “chicken” tenders!

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  1. I was coming here to say the same thing! The buffalo wings are yummy. 🙂

    My whole family loves the Chik patties. Even my spouse who is a meat-a-holic. I have been eating the chik patties for many many years. yum!

  2. If you like spicy things, you ought to try their “Buffalo Wings”. They’re made of the same stuff but they’re the size of chicken nuggets and they’re spicy. Mmm.

  3. I’m pretty leery about anything that’s packaged like that. Beyond having no meat are they actually any good for you, or just the same sodium etc filled processed garbage?

  4. Oh no one said they were good for you! 😉 Well, even if they are full of sodium and stuff, at least they are not packaged meat. Hold on, going to look at the package…..

    there is way less fat than chicken has, that’s good…
    no cholesterol, that’s good
    lots of thiamin (?)
    lots of sodium…
    wheat gluten and flours
    egg whites
    corn flour
    and a bunch of other stuff.

    So are they “good” for you? Probably not. But they are better than eating meat for both your body and the earth, so maybe it evens out?

  5. However, Maria, chicken is meat, and some people don’t eat meat. So they might want an alternative. My wife and I are starting to work towards a meat-free existence due to the fact that the meat industry contributes more to global warming than all of our cars combined…it’s not pretty.

    Either way, I know this is not health food, not by any means. And the processing is terrible. But if it helps wean me slowly off meat, maybe eventually I can wean myself off this too….:-)

  6. uh-oh, i hate to be a killjoy, because i have been known to take part in some delicious faux meat products in my day. and i have loved me some morningstar farms. but eating simpler whole foods (not to be confused with Whole Foods) is much better for the earth and for us, plain and simple. the amount of energy that goes into producing processed soy and corn products is huge compared with a locally-raised, free-range chicken with one ingredient (chicken). morningstar farms is owned by industry giant kellogg.
    not saying you should throw it all away! but just some food for thought, as it were…

  7. ooh, i agree with you about the meat industry! i would say that it’s the industrialization of food in general that’s contributing to global warming (mass consumption of fossil fuels, unsustainable land use, etc.), with meat being a part of that. what’s behind industrial meat? more corn and soy. what’s behind those? more oil. but the corn and soy go into so much food (vegetarian, too) that’s industrially manufactured. meat is a substantial part of that equation, but it’s only part.

    i think we share the same concerns about the food industry and what it’s doing to the earth…my point was just that if you’re talking about energy consumption, the focus shouldn’t necessarily be on meat vs. non-meat (although i can understand why one would choose to be vegetarian for other ethical reasons); it should be on industrial vs. local and sustainable.

  8. I LOVE chikpatties, and nuggets, and fake sausage especially. And, oooh, the fake bacon. Would you believe that they don’t have this stuff in France? Once again, proving my point that the French don’t know nuthin’ about food. When I get to the US, chik patties and fake sausage are going to be some of the very first foods I eat- I’ve already had my mom buy some for me.

  9. To be honest, the French know everything about’s us that doesn’t! Their food, for the most part, is picked, made, and eaten that same day…and is almost 100% natural. I have never had better food than when I was over there.

    No wonder they are all trim and in shape even though they smoke non-stop – their food is healthy, the most important thing!

  10. I thought you might have been…but with the written word it’s hard to be sure.

    Yea, unfortunately “our” food is ruining all the other food in the world. It’s terrible.

  11. The French do know most everything about food- I was being sarcastic, which doesn’t translate very well! In fact, I live in France (American, married to a Frenchie), and am coming back to the US in a few weeks for the first time in a long time.

    I’ve been here for almost eight years though, and can tell you that, sadly, their eating habits are becoming more and more like those of Americans’: fewer fresh fruits and veggies, much more processed food, etc etc. OTOH, they have very little tolerance for cuisine that strays from the ‘French’ tradition; even ethnic foods are adapted for the French palate. This happens much less in the US.

  12. Every now and then we catch these on sale at our local Kroger store and load up! The sausage patties/links aren’t a bad breakfast option either – especially on a half biscuit with a touch of spicy mustard – good stuff!

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