Big Business Bands Together To Fight Bush On Global Warming.

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“An unprecedented coalition of blue-chip US companies and environmental lobby groups will urge President Bush next week to get serious about global warming, calling for caps on carbon dioxide emissions that would cut greenhouse gases by 10-30 per cent over 15 years.”

Whoo hoo! Caterpillar, Du-Pont (ugh, don’t get me started on Teflon), Alcoa, and the U.S. subsidiary of BP are all joining together with a whole bunch of other companies to fight Bush on his anti global warming stance. Be sure to stay tuned as they are going to release the details of their plan on Tuesday….the day Bush gives his fake State of the Union speech.

I hope this will be as good as I am imagining it in my head.

The Independent.

Ever notice a lot of the news about America comes from the UK…hmm…

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