Big Changes Coming Soon To The Good Human


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Just wanted to give a heads up to any readers out there that coming up within the next month or so, we will be moving The Good Human to its own domain hosting. I realize that this will cause some headaches along the way, along with a loss of page rank. If anyone knows of an easy way to move the entire site, please let me know. The problem is that I do use the blogger beta, but I do not use their templates. So it is a double whammy.

You can still reach this blog for quite some time at, as I will continue posting here as well as the new site I know some people reach the site with just the “real” domain, but that is because it has been redirected to the blogger address for a long time now.

After the messy and terrible transition, the blog will be at only. Feeds will have to be updated, etc etc…but I will let you know when everything is complete and the blogger blog will slowly be going away.

I am ranked pretty high in the google rankings for eco-stuff…so this pains me a lot as I will lose it all. But I think in the long term, I need more than blogger can offer me, and having my own hosting will be a big improvement to both the way the site looks and what I can put up.

Thanks for listening, and have a great evening!

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  1. Someone mentioned to me the other day that Blogger started offering the ability to point your domain to them and have your blog use it. I’m not entirely familiar with how it works, but it’s worth looking into.

  2. Yea, they do allow that, but I would still be using blogger to host, which is what I want to get away from. Right now I have forwarded to the blogger address, so people get here several ways. Hopefully I can get this started sooner rather than later! Thanks for the comment Daniel

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