The Big List Of How To Get Involved In Politics.

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So, you don’t like the direction that politics is headed in? Think you cannot make a difference? Well, you are wrong. You CAN make a difference and sometimes, all you need is a little bit of motivation and guidance to find your way into getting involved. Well, Greg Hartnett has you covered with 12 ways that YOU can get involved in the political system and make sure your voice and concerns are heard. What are these 12 ways?

1. Attend a Rally
2. Get Your Coworkers to Vote
3. Create an Online Petition
4. Volunteer for a Campaign
5. Alert the Media
6. Host a House Party
7. Write Letters to Congress
8. Involve Your Family
9. Fight the Power
10. Freeway Blog
11. Give Money
12. Speak out Online

Be sure to head over to Greg Hartnett to read the in-depth tips and all the comments, there is a great conversation going on over there!

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