Billboard Lobbyists Have More Rights Than Publicly Owned Trees Do.

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In a move that will probably not surprise anyone, but anger many – city councils are now chopping down public trees because of lobbyist groups for, (wait for it…) billboards. Stupidity reigns…

“Across America, communities intent on beautifying their roadways often plant trees. But in some places, those trees have encountered a powerful foe: the billboard industry. Highway 192 used to be exceptionally plain. It was lined by weed-filled ditches, with no sidewalks and poor lighting. It was drab. So the property owners voted to tax themselves $29 million to make the roadway safer and prettier. (However)…Clear Channel and other billboard companies complained that beautification projects on a number of Florida roads threatened their business, so they lobbied the state Legislature for protection.”

Heaven forbid a community pays to better itself and make a more enjoyable and pretty place to live…

NPR via Treehugger.

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  1. Makes you wonder why advertisers don’t invent “sleeves” for tree trunks that they can print their messages on instead of cutting down trees to make room for wooden advertising hoardings. Not the perfect solution, admittedly, but at least it’s a compromise.

    What’s the betting that one of the advertisements displayed at the expense of trees will be for Greenpeace or Friends of the Earth? Stupid advertisers.

  2. This makes me so glad I live in Vermont where there are NO BILLBOARDS!! Just miles and miles of beautiful greenery as far as the eye can see. It’s awesome!

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