17 Examples Of Biomimicry Designs That Copy The Genius Of Nature


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Nature organises it’s own agriculture of course, but in man’s quest to be more efficient, we are learning techniques following the examples of insects amongst other things.

9. Water collection. Inspiration: Stenocara Beetle

In a harsh dry dessert you will find the Stenocara beetle pottering around happily and surviving thanks to its ability to and collects water. Researchers have been inspired by this bug and have produced a material that harvests water vapor from the air! It all comes down to the nanoscale bumps on it’s shell as well as its body positioning, which allows the water to trickle down towards its mouth.

10. Maximum Use of Urban Spaces. Inspiration: A beehive

Don’t you think that a beehive is absolutely one of nature’s most amazing and efficient designs? The outcome of this inspiration is called Hexagro: “a modular planter system designed to make maximum use of limited urban spaces.”

Hexagro – 2015 Biomimicry Global Design Challenge Finalist from Biomimicry Institute on Vimeo.

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