Blog Action Day ’09 – Thoughts On Climate Change.


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Blog Action Day is an annual event that unites the world’s bloggers in posting about the same issue on the same day on their own blogs with the aim of sparking discussion around an issue of global importance. Blog Action Day 2009 will be the largest-ever social change event on the web, and this year the issue is climate change. Like to hear about it or not, world-wide climate change will affect every last one of us in different ways – and the time for action is now.

Our government, private investors and large corporations need to start investing more money in renewable energy sources like solar, wind, bio-mass, and bio-diesel. But why is the money coming in so slowly? I mean, I know the reason is that there has to be a huge return on any investment for these people, but there could be a fortune to be made in investing in green initiatives if it is done right…so what are they waiting for? If I was a millionaire or billionaire, I would be so heavily invested in this kind of thing for a single, solitary reason – I don’t want my kids or grandkids or great grandkids have to deal with my inactivity on the matter. In the last 100 years or so, we went from having our carts pulled by horses to flying spaceships to the moon. In just 100 years! If we could accomplish all that so quickly, why can’t we start working with that kind of enthusiasm on alternatives to transportation, building codes, product creation, etc? Imagine what we could do if we stopped focusing only on “how much is it going to cost up front” to “how much is it going to cost if we do nothing“…I think the change would come barreling down the pipeline like never before in our history.

Are we waiting until we actually run out of oil to start doing anything about it? There are different estimations as to when this might occur, but before it disappears, oil will become prohibitively expensive for anyone other than the very rich, which will slow down depletion. And when the oil is too expensive, we won’t have the materials we need to build other energy sources.

Are we waiting until we have depleted the rainforest entirely, wiping out thousands (if not millions) of species and possible cures for very common ailments? Upwards of 80,000 acres of tropical rainforest are destroyed daily. Yes, 80,000 acres. A day.

Are we waiting until the oceans are no longer habitable for marine life or a vacation spot for humans? When I lived in LA, our city used to tell us to stay out of the ocean for 3-4 days after a rain. Scary that 3 days of runoff can actually damage the big, bad ocean.

Are we waiting until we have millions and millions of climate change refugees to take care of, due to increased dangerous weather conditions around the world?

Are we waiting until every kid born in the next 100 years has asthma because of how polluted the air is, because we could not come together and figure out a way to clean up power plants or our cars’ emissions?

Are we waiting until we have contaminated our ground water so much with household cleaners that is no longer drinkable?

Are we waiting until 2020 to up the MPG standards in this country, to both reduce pollution and reduce our demand for oil? Incremental changes are not enough, especially when the rest of the civilized world has stricter MPG standards than we do.

Are we waiting until the North Pacific Subtropical Gyre, or “plastic island” in the middle of the Pacific Ocean becomes big enough to serve as a vacation spot?

I do not know for sure what we as a species are waiting for, but I am excited by the actions of regular people who want changes made in policies regarding the environment. I am not saying that the average person on Planet Earth needs to do more than their fair share and I understand that not everyone has the resources or the money to make big changes – I don’t either! But we all can do our little parts which DO add up – don’t forget it. But what about the governments, the wealthy, the corporations – when are they going to step up and make change happen? The government wanted to go to the moon, they made it happen. When a corporation wants to come up with the next greatest widget, they make it happen. The wealthy find the money to build brand new $300 million dollar yachts, just to have one a foot bigger than some other wealthy guy. Truly, I believe the motivation for these type of entities will only come when we the people start making real noise about it in our elections, the products we buy, the companies we support, the hotels we stay in, the types of cars we buy, etc.. The more people that make it known that they want something done, the more apt they are to listen. So ask questions, sign petitions, encourage family members to make the small changes, write to your Congresspeople, donate to decent charities – it is what us “regular” people can do to try to change the course we are on before the earth turns into an even more overly-polluted, chemical-laden place that no one would even want to bring a new child into. Let’s make it happen – be heard, and happy Blog Action Day 2009.

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  1. ” In the last 100 years or so, we went from having our carts pulled by horses to flying spaceships to the moon. In just 100 years! If we could accomplish all that so quickly, why can”™t we start working with that kind of enthusiasm on alternatives to transportation, building codes, product creation, etc? ”

    VERY well said.

  2. Could agree more with your post… what are we waiting for? Why is the awareness about these pressing issues so removed from our leaders’ agendas?
    I wanted to let you know about an initiative me and colleagues are pulling out.
    We are trying to involve brands to promote climate messages.
    Basically, imagine if they would give 10% of their advertisement space for messages that would teach the public how to reduce their carbon emission?
    The impact would be huge. But we need to put pressure on brands so that they take action in this fight.
    How can people help us? By writing on their hands, arms climate preservation messages and send to us the pics ”“
    Once we get as many pictures as possible we shall send them to all big brands and try to get to use their advertisement space”¦ just for the planet!

  3. Awesome post! And so so true. It’s exciting to see people making small changes in their daily lives to help the planet. But I’d love to see corporations and our government be more accountable for their actions. The policy process is too slow and we don’t have time to wait…

    You comments made me think of this cartoon by Stephanie McMillan –

    Thanks for the post. 🙂

  4. Unfortunately the current global agreements just don’t work.

    The people in the Peruvian Amazon have done a fantastic job using non violent blockades to pressure the government into not selling their land to oil corporations.

    please find out more about them and support them.

    on world environment day, Peru’s president Alan Garcia massacred indigenous activists defending the rainforest…please google Bagua massacre find out more and take action!

  5. I love this…’I don’t want my kids or grandkids or great grandkids to have to deal with my inactivity on the matter.’ This is precisely the reason we teamed up with Mothers Acting Up and 1 Sky for our most recent episode of The Playdate.. Our goal was to mobilize mothers around the issue of climate change and global warming and to encourage them to take collective action…on behalf of the world’s children. Great post!

  6. Natural Laws are not able to pardon us, for creating carbon dioxide overloads, with our Black Magic Life$tyle. Because we so enjoy the creature comforts we create with the powers of fire, our planet will become as desolate as Mars; much sooner than Nature intended. Weakling humans, that sensationalize encasing ourselves in 4000 pounds of steel, glass, rubber, and plastics, for our ride to the theater, will die off quickly; unable to endure the future harsh consequences of our B. M. Life$tyle.

    We have gained partial control of our living environments now, thanks to life’s 3 billion year struggle. In cosmological time, life on this planet has only just recently risen from the primordial mud in which it was conceived. Because we are a young species, human greed, the need for conformity to beliefs, and the ostracism of diversity, is apprehensible. Humans are now poised to fail, reversing the tenacious advance of life, and fall; back into the proverbial mud. We will survive global warming only long enough to experience the comparatively mild beginnings of the permanent damage our species caused, to this one of a kind space ship that all life shares. . . our biosphere. We are choosing to wither and perish, along with all the other higher life forms. Humans have created conditions that humans will not survive. We blame and evade our own personal re$pon$ibility for this imminent disaster, rather than avoid it, by demanding the development and implementation of plans and processes to accomplish the removal of the excess atmospheric and oceanic carbon dioxide, and other hazardous conditions, that we have created.

    As in driving over a cliff, just slowing down will not avoid the eventual fall.

    Only by REVER$ING the flow of CO2, out of, rather than into, our environment, will we avoid going too far passed the invisible tipping point; the one we want to believe is still a ways off, somewhere in our future.

    TALKING, about making cut$ in greenhouse gases is a tactical ploy, the creators of these gases use, to avoid making real life$tyle changes. Con$umer demand creates greenhouse gas. Turn it down, or off; and STOP buying more greenhouse gas[oline]! Denying our real re$pon$ibility by blaming our $capegoat leaders, for not making the tough choices, ensures the worst possible consequences. Without public demand for better solutions than reductions. . . the answer to the global warming question, will be a nuclear winter.

    Our planet’s temperature is rising as it develops a fever to combat a viral infection.

    Destruction of the natural environment by humans will end, here on this dying planet, as we create our own hideous extinction. Our love of power, $trife, and conquest, will not spread throughout the galaxies.

    The Universe will be left in peace. . . once again.

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