Blue Cross of CA Trying To Scare Their Customers About Universal Healthcare.

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Think they aren’t scared themselves? Recently Blue Cross sent out a letter to all their customers in California discussing how evil and bad universal health care is and how are rates are going to skyrocket and our coverage is going to dwindle. While Massachusetts has had some success with universal care, Blue Cross is running scared that California might adopt a similar policy. Blue Cross wants “guaranteed access” run by private insurance companies and not “guaranteed issue (care)” run by state governments. Why? Because then they will lose the right to:

1. Decline anyone for almost any condition as they do now.
2. Continue to charge exorbitant premiums while covering less and less ailments.

In the letter they state that they have partnered with the Coalition for Responsible Healthcare Reform to “act as a voice for responsible reform” in California. Who is the Coalition for Responsible Healthcare Reform? They are a group of business owners, insurance companies and insurance agents…no wonder they want their own version of reform, as the “guaranteed issue” program being debated in California might cost them a few bucks.

So, if you got a letter from Blue Cross warning you to be scared of universal health care and other reform, please do your homework before believing everything they tell you. You can find more info at:

Sick of Blue Cross

It’s OUR Healthcare!

American Healthcare Reform

Healthcare For All – California

Oh, and make sure you see the film SICKO.

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