Book Giveaway: ‘Most Good, Least Harm’ By Zoe Weil.


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THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED. The following is an excerpt from “Most Good, Least Harm: A Simple Principle For A Better World And A Meaningful Life” by Zoe Weil. Want to win a copy? Check out the end of the post for how to enter.

MOGO living brings about true freedom. When you have the inner conviction to do the most good and the least harm, you are free to say no to media, social, and peer pressures. You are free from a nagging sense that your life does not have value or meaning. You are free to imagine and then create a truly successful life. You are free to be at piece with yourself and all those whom your life touches.

Those striving to lead MOGO lives, who are eagerly involved in positive change and who consciously make their life their message, are everywhere. They are nurses and architects, students and teachers, carpenters and physicians, farmers and executives, plumbers and politicians, factory workers and businesspeople, engineers and scientists, parents and teenagers, children and senior citizens. They may not be the majority, but they can become the majority if you join them.

Sound like a book you might want to read? I read it last week and it was quite a good read, and very encouraging to me to keep doing what I am doing in my life and with this website. But now that I have read it, one lucky reader can win my copy. All you have to do is leave a comment (be sure to leave your email address so I can contact you if you win) about a way you live a “Most Good, Least Harm” lifestyle, and you will be entered to win the book. A random number generator will be used to select the winner out of all comments. The contest is open to US residents who have not won anything from The Good Human in the last 60 days, and it closes on May 13th at 12noon MST. Winner will be notified by email. Good luck! THIS GIVEAWAY HAS ENDED.

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  1. I would love to read this book. I have been focusing so much on parenting books but would love to read something new – and this sounds perfect for me. We do the most good, least harm in a number of ways – through my green mommy blog, talking about (and practicing)homebirth, breastfeeding, organic, local food, growing our own food, eliminating disposable plastic from our lives. Would love to learn ways to do more!

  2. I like to continue learning and to better myself. Although affected by media, I still walk to the beat of my own drum and do what’s best for the Earth because it is good 4 the Earth, not because it is good for the government or (even) me personally. I just want to read the book, b/c I learn and put to use at least one good tip or idea from everything I read. I too will pass along the book once I’ve finished reading it. I sincerely live reduce, reuse, recycle.

  3. I love to read and this sounds like a fabulous book! If I don’t win it, I will still pick it up to read. Thanks!

  4. Sounds like not only a great book but a great lesson for all to read. I love reading great books and then passing on if I find someone very interested or I give to the library where I hope it reaches even more people who need the lessons contained. Can’t remember the last time I bought a new book, I usually buy in thrift stores or checkout from the library. I love not being addicted to the mass consumerism of most Americans. I learn so much more by spending my time in nature than I ever did watching television. I wish more of today’s parents would teach their children the simple fun activities I grew up with, but it is extremely difficult to find places to pick your own fruit these days, especially those you could walk to. Maybe that’s why I am so obsessed with always trying to lessen my footprint on the earth.

  5. I always read your book reviews and enjoy them very much. This is a book I would like to read, so I hope I win!

  6. I would like to read this book. And Thank You for all your good blogging, I learn a little bit from your blogs everyday.

  7. Sounds like a really interesting read. I am always looking for new ways to try to lessen my impact on the planet! Love your site, by the way. Lots of great info.

  8. I collect those little shampoo bottles and bars of soap for my patients who live in an adult home. Most good is that it provides a way for these people to have a way to keep themselves clean, Least Harm is that we often use these a little during a short stay in a hotel and the remainder of the item gets thrown out when they clean the room.]

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