Book Review & Giveaway: “How To Be An Everyday Philanthropist”.


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This giveaway has ended.

A few months ago I was sent a copy of the book How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist: 330 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Home, Community, and World – at No Cost! by Nicole Bouchard Boles, but with the move to Denver and my 3 week holiday, I just got around to checking it out this week. And what an amazing book it is…

The book is basically a guide that offers 330 direct ways to make a difference in the world today, be it in your community or around the world. Everything that Ms. Boles talks about in the book can be done without spending a dime and by using some of the skills you may already have available at your disposal. Have an old pair of sneakers lying around the house? Nike’s Reuse-a-Shoe program will recycle them into safe playground surfaces. Getting rid of that old cell phone? Call to Protect will refurbish it as an emergency lifeline for abused women. Save your breast milk for premature or critically ill babies in need. You get the drift. The book is full of hundreds of ways you can be a philanthropist to the world without cost, which I would imagine could encourage more people to do so.


This timely manifesto will serve as a wonderful reminder that everyone can and should try to make a difference. It will inspire confidence that we can help make our world a better place.” –President Jimmy Carter

The book is based on three basic tenants:

1) not every giving opportunity calls for money
2) you can make a difference in 15 minutes or less
3) small changes can lead to big results

This book is going to be on my bookshelf for a very, very long time, and I have already started marking the pages of the things I want to begin doing asap. After reading about the people who are really making a difference in our world, I know I have to do more with my free time. There are many people who need help, and those of us who are capable should be offering it. I highly recommend you buy this book and give it a place in your home. And for a lucky few of you, I was provided 3 extra copies to give away!

The giveaway will be open until January 25th, 2010 at 7am MST, and here are the rules and how to enter:

– To enter, please leave a comment (with a valid email address, so we can contact you) as to why you would like to win the book
Only one entry per person. Period. Please don’t try to use different email addresses, etc, as the IP numbers will be checked.
– Entries must be from residents from the U.S. or Canada
– Books will be sent directly from the publisher to a valid address via their choice of shippers
– 3 Winners will be chosen at random from all eligible entries received

Good luck everyone! And if you don’t win, I still suggest you check the book out – it’s great.

How to Be an Everyday Philanthropist: 330 Ways to Make a Difference in Your Home, Community, and World – at No Cost!

This giveaway has ended.

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  1. I was just saying to my husband this morning that I wished we could donate more money to charity. We have a lot of debt and I feel obligated to pay it back before we donate too much of our income, but I want to help. I would love to find non-financial ways to give!

  2. This book is great! So many of us are going through difficult times with the economy and being able to help and contribute is still important. I think a lot of the non-monetary ways to help aren’t advertised nearly enough. But with this book you’re able to find out where to recycle your cell phones or donate items or clothing that are not useful to you but could be the one thing someone else needs.

  3. I’d love this book because even though I’m pretty short on cash right now, I think it’s important to do good in the world! It’s nice to be reminded that you don’t have to be a billionaire to make the world a better place. 🙂

  4. Sounds like a great book. I would love to know more ways to give help where it’s needed and to become a better human.

  5. One of my goals in life is to be a philanthropist but have always felt I’m too poor to do anything major. Therefore I’d love this book so I can see what I can do with what I have.

  6. This is a terrific way to help in our communities and beyond. I would love to have this book and learn how I can contribute to our world and, in return, teach my children the same.

  7. What a great concept for a book! In today’s society, it’s easy to think that giving money is the only answer, but clearly money is not the only option.

  8. One of my goals has always been to get to place where I’m comfortable enough to donate my time to a nonprofit organization. Unfortunately, that change hasn’t come quickly enough! I’d love to do more, now, and this book seems like a great way to get there.

  9. There are so many people around that need help it seems impossible to give to everyone that needs it on a modest budget. I’d love to see what this book has to say on ways to better people’s lives.

  10. I have too many people in my life that feel that 1 person cannot make a difference. Perhaps if I put out easy ideas that are free to do, those people will partake in helping me make a difference!

    Great website by the way!

  11. In the aftermath of the earthquake, we all know Haiti will eventually begin to rebuild. Reports say that EVERY building in Port au Prince has been damaged if not destroyed. People are still alive under much of the rubble. In the hillside barrios, there are no proper roads to gain access to places that are completely obliterated.

    So what do we do? Well unfortunately I’m half a world away without the technical know-how or means to travel to Haiti and lead the efforts, so I can safely sit here in a strong building behind a computer drinking as much bottled water as I want while I wait for more CNN reports to tell me the death toll has gone up or another building has fallen or the government is in chaos and there’s no sign of relief any time soon.

    But I can write about it – and I can say what hopefully thousands of others are saying – Haiti – please rebuild smartly! I know it will take money that you don’t have. I know it will take manpower that you will struggle to find. I know it will take determination that has been shaken and crushed by mother nature over the past week. But I also know it’s possible.

    Disaster relief does not have to end once the disaster is in the past – disaster relief should continue through to prosperity, but the problem is, there will be something else to turn our attention to next month and the world will hope that you recover, but many will never really check back in until the next earthquake or hurricane, and then what? How did you rebuild? How did you recover? What’s left standing?

    I’ve heard great things about this book – and like many, I’m never really sure how to help – writing about it feels good for me, but who am I really helping?

  12. This would be an awesome book to add to the personal library! So many ”wants” to make a difference in the world, but no IDEAS come to mind! Maybe this will help!

  13. I have so many things I’d like to donate to a good cause (instead of leaving in a big metal box in a parking lot!) that this book might put me in the right direction to do so. Please count me in! Thanks! Mikel

  14. I’m giving the books I have read to a book fair at one of our local schools. I would love to hear more ideas. Thank you

  15. What a great resource. As an experiment my family and I are living on WWII rations this year, so a book about creative giving that incorporates used items would be extremely useful, since many resources are restricted!

  16. Love the idea of giving everyday without it always being something monetary. There are so many ways to be a part of a community and bring joy and happiness to others. I’d love the opportunity to check out this book and am THRILLED that this contest is open to us Canadians!

  17. Making a difference starts by taking small steps. I think that the ideas in this book will inspire me to stop procrastinating and start contributing in a practical way.

  18. I love the idea that anybody anywhere can do something to make a difference. You don’t need a committee, you don’t need a lot of time, you just need a willing “you.” To me, it’s not true that 1 x 1 equals 1. I think the power of one multiplied is a number that has the potential to reach infinity. In my everyday life, I have come to abhor throwing anything in the trash, so I’d love to learn about things like sending old sneakers to Nike, etc. I am slowly finding resources in my community that take things that are otherwise “trash” and refab and refurbish them so they are useful again. I share these resources with family and friends. My motivation for doing all this? I keep hearing my great-great grandchildren saying to me, “What did you do to help prevent this crisis, Grandma?”

  19. Sounds like a great book! My students often express their frustration about “what they can do.” Sounds as if this book could help give some simple, new answers.

  20. This looks interesting. Peter Singer’s The Life You Can Save inspired me to change my monthly giving plan. He suggests giving your money to help people in developing countries (because it will go farther) and your time to help people locally. So I’m definitely looking for suggestions for the latter.

  21. I have always wanted to know more about what the best way to help others is. I think this book could give me some great ideas


  22. Sounds like a great read… People don’t seem to understand you can give of your time not just your pocket book….

  23. I think this book will give me great ideas to give back to my community, and teach my son that there is more than one way to give charity to others.

  24. It is my new years resolution to do more volunteer work in my community and this would help me find new ways to help.

    1. No, the sun is getting hotter. That would heat things up a bit right? There is no evidence that our carbon fopotrint on the earth is affecting the globe. Al Bore is an idiot. The only reason they want us to buy into the idea of global warming is so that they can start a global, yes global carbon tax. The powers that be are already talking about it.

  25. I am a broke college student, but still concerned with making a difference on my campus and in my community. I would love to learn more about how I can do this without embarking on an overly elaborate plan and without spending money.

  26. I am always interested in more ways to help the environment. Especially to find feasible ones within my grasp without turning my life upside down. I don’t mean for this to sound lazy.

  27. I love the general principles of the book! I find I always want to contribute to eco-friendly/socially-minded programs but find them really hard to find. For example, I have about 2 dozen used batteries that I have collected but I’m still looking for a battery recycle depot! I’m sure this book can open my eyes to so many more programs.

  28. This book sounds amazing. I would like to share the book with my 12-year-old niece who has a heart of gold and tries to find ways to help others too. She’s cut her hair and dontated it once and plans to do it again this summer. She wanted to send her only $5 to Haiti last night. She would love this book.

    I would also love to read it so I could learn more ways to help out and reduce waste. We, like many others, are financially strapped, but want to help.

  29. I have made a resolution to be more involved in my community in 2010. I believe that this book will help me achieve my goals. Thank you for the giveaway.

  30. Why would I be interested in a book like that? I’m a truck driver, and while I live simply on the road, with no actualy home of my own, I know the big diesel powered rig I drive has an enormous carbon footprint. If I can find a way to turn my stuff and time into something valuable for other people, well, then I’m helping to do something to offset my necessary, but environmentally damaging, job.

  31. In June we moved to a rather small town, it has been a very difficult experience for our family. We feel disconnected from the community. I feel like this book may help with ideas on how to re involve ourselves into the community, in a positive manner.

  32. When, as a child, I read Frances Hodgson Burnett’s “A Little Princess,” I wanted to grow up to be a philanthropist. At that young age, though, I just wasn’t sure how I could grow up to be an heiress since my parents weren’t rich. How wonderful that this book shows us all how to be philanthropic without possessing immense sums of money. With this book, I could fulfill my dream without that inheritance I’ll never get!

  33. I am not wealthy enough to be a philanthropist in the regular sense of the word. However, this book would be a fantastic way to start. I have four grandchildren and am a volunteer tutor. What a wonderful opportunity this book would be to “plant some seeds.”

  34. I would love this book! My daughter does homeschool with her Father. I think they would really enjoy putting some of this to use in their curriculum! I know I would enjoy getting involved more than I am. Perfect time of year for this giveaway! Thank you very much for the opportunity

  35. I agree Anita (Kaiser) it is great this contest is open to Canadians. So often , the contests we see in the media are not open to us. It’s great to feel included—even if we don’t win!

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