Book Review: The Green Beauty Guide By Julie Gabriel.

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Since my “beauty” regimen consists of a bar of soap and some deodorant, I asked my wife to review The Green Beauty Guide. 🙂

The Green Beauty Guide by Julie Gabriel could be the definitive manual for any woman who wants to feel pampered and pretty while still maintaining an eco-friendly lifestyle. The book functions very well as a quick reference guide, but Gabriel’s engaging, chatty writing style also lends itself to a more thorough cover-to-cover read. The book has an incredibly wide scope of information and deals with every aspect of our beauty regimen, including hair care, skin care, sun protection, cosmetics, fragrances, and even baby care.

Gabriel does a wonderful job of exposing many of the “green-washed” beauty products that are marketed as safe and natural but are potentially quite harmful. She clearly explains the difference between confusing advertising terms that are often used inter-changeably, but actually mean very different things. She then gives readers some simple rules to follow when reading labels that will help them make informed, responsible decisions about which products are best for themselves and for the earth.

Gabriel is also conscious that many of us who want to choose greener beauty options may be intimidated by the perceived high cost of such items, so she includes many indulgent, do-it-yourself recipes for cleansers, toners, moisturizers and masks that will not break the bank. I have sensitive skin and it is difficult for me to find products that don’t irritate my face, so I was very excited to try the recipe for “Soothing Face Oil”. It was very easy to make and my skin feels nourished and comforted every time I use it; plus, I really love knowing that every ingredient is truly pure and natural. The Green Beauty Guide truly has it all and I plan on giving a copy to every woman on my holiday gift list this year.

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  1. OOOO, thanks for the reference. I’ve been looking to upgrade my beauty routine to be more “green”. So far I’m still using up old products and I did buy some fair trade shea butter to use for my super dry skin.

    I hope my library has this book!

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