Book Review – The UNTIED States of America

*Note- Since the teacher wife and I are headed out for a few days of R n R, I thought I would put up a book review re-post of a book I can highly recommend. Enjoy and be back in a few days, hope to see you all back here soon!*

The UNTIED States of America by Juan Enriquez

I just finished this book this weekend, and well, I was impressed. The writing style was completely foreign to me, as the entire book was broken up into snippets of information, all leading into the next little piece. It was hard to read at first, but once I got going, it flowed easily. Enriquez explores the downfall of civilizations, both past and present, and writes about how so many countries disappear and/or combine into other countries, and how the United States might be headed towards the same fate. Due to political unrest, trade agreements, international wars and our financial system, he spells out the reasons why the United States could be broken into several different countries. Americans think their country is immune to such things, but when Enriquez takes the time to explore what happened to other countries in the past 100 years, and what has been going on in this country lately, you can see that he might have a point. Highly recommended.

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