Bought The THINK Chair By Steelcase – 99% Cradle To Cradle.


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So, after working from home for 6 months, I decided that I could no longer sit on the very hard but very nice looking wooden office chair that we have had for years. Spending up to 8 hours a day sitting in front of a computer in that chair was like sitting in a torture chamber; my back would hurt after a few hours and I would find myself perched over the keyboard like the hunchback. It was not looking good for my long term health and I was starting to imagine what I would look like in 10 years if I continued like this. I started shopping for ergonomically correct chairs a few months ago and finally found the right choice for me – The THINK chair from Steelcase. It is perfect.

Here is my new chair in all it’s glory:


I had read some great reviews about the chair on a few websites and everyone absolutely loved it and said it was the most comfortable chair they had ever sat in. And it really is. But the part that sold me on the chair was the fact that it was first product to ever receive Cradle to Cradle Product Certification from McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry’s (MBDC). Basically that means that my chair is made from 44% recycled materials and is 99% recyclable at the end of it’s lifespan. Pretty cool! I guess if I talk the talk I should walk the walk, no? (or sit, as one might have it)

According to MBDC, my new THINK chair is:

-Up to 99% recyclable by weight
-Disassembly for recycling takes about five minutes using common hand tools (e.g., hammer, screwdriver). Disassembly instructions are available for download and customers are invited to participate in the recovery, reuse and recycling of used furniture through the Steelcase Environmental Partnership.
-Up to 44% recycled content
-Holds the NF Environnement Label in France for environmental quality
-Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified

For more information on other Cradle to Cradle products, be sure to check out the MBDC website. They have the entire certification process listed on the site and a bunch of other important stuff on making products in this way.

Sure, it was expensive, but it was worth every penny. In fact, it was worth even more than that because of its Cradle to Cradle certification, along with the fact that I no longer have back pain!

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  1. Good job, David! But be sure to take breaks too … even with a comfortable chair, you need to get up once an hour to stretch, walk around, get the blood circulating. Flex your wrists, massage your hands, all that stuff. We all forget to do that, I think.

  2. This is really neat. I didn’t realize that the office chair market had gone green. I will definitely be considering one of these for my next office chair purchase.

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