BP’s New Green Gas Station In Los Angeles.

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Boy, when they say “GREEN”, the mean GREEN!

Seems like BP is going to try to wow us with their good looks while still selling us gasoline! They wanted to build a “green” gas station here in Los Angeles, and you can find it at the corner of Olympic and Robertson. Sure is “different” looking, huh? I am not sure what to think of it other than it looks cool…but it is still a gas station!

From BP:

“It’s not a prototype “station of the future.” It’s a station for today that’s a little better, a living lab where we can try out ideas for other stations and where people can find ideas they might want to bring into their own lives. It’s a kind of a conversation between BP and people who come into the station, a conversation about how we can both move up a notch on the greencurve.”

Seems honest enough. They used recycled and sustainable materials to build the station, very efficient lighting to light it up, and they even installed filters in their water drains so that any gasoline or oil that spills onto the ground gets filtered from the run-off before it goes into the ground. I guess since we still have to use gas, this station is as good as it gets!

Oh I just read that the roof is covered with grass and they have solar panels on top as well. Bonus points for them.

It might say “better” and “best”, but most cars don’t need “better” or “best” so remember that when you are filling up. But when they figure out how to refill/recharge an electric car in 10 minutes, then we will be golden.

Anyway, if you have a chance and you live in LA, it might be a cool place to check out. I am going to try to make a point to head over there sometime when there is no traffic (3:12AM?) to take a look.

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