Brands Against Prop 37: Companies Opposed To The Labeling Of Genetically-Modified Foods

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Yesterday, Californians voted on Proposition 37 which would have required the labeling of genetically-modified foods at the grocery store.

It was defeated by a small margin thanks to the millions of dollars spent on deceptive advertising by brands against Prop 37. Leading the charge was Monsanto, a company whose entire business is based around genetically modifying our food supply and suing farmers. But they were not alone in this; many of our nation’s favorite food brands were involved as well. And while the proposition may have lost, by putting their names on ads opposing it these brands created a who’s-who list of food products to avoid at all cost whenever possible:

The Hershey Company

Nestlé USA

Mars Inc.


Kraft Foods



General Mills




Campbell Soup



Ocean Spray

Hormel Foods


Sara Lee

Dean Foods




Land O’Lakes



Bristol Farms

Sunny Delight


brands against prop 37These companies are actually AGAINST you knowing what is in the food you eat. They don’t want you to be able to find out, either. We can take our money elsewhere by not supporting them anymore until they change their minds.

Oh, and don’t forget – The Nature Conservancy was the only environmental group to not sign on in support of Proposition 37. Why? Because Monsanto pays their bills and sits on their Business Council. Do not donate a single dime to TNC, there are plenty of orgs worthy of your hard-earned money.

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  1. Thank you! Most people I know that voted No on the Proposition don’t care what they eat and think GMO is fine. Regardless of that, it would be nice to know those companies that avoid those seeds as well as to be able to support other seed banks.

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