Britain Is Going To Burn Trash for Energy.

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“For all its fervent advocates, recycling has come nowhere close to allaying the world’s burgeoning production of garbage. Now Britain’s Isle of Wight is presenting what proponents hope will be a parade example of how to deal with the megatons of waste that can’t be reclaimed. This summer, a $16 million, 2.3MW gasification plant , the first in Britain and one of only a few in the world , will fire into action, turning 30,000 tons of rubbish a year into electricity for 2,000 homes.”

Although many people will say that burning trash for energy just leads to more pollution, what choice do we have? We cannot recycle everything, and we cannot continue to bury in the earth and hope it goes away – it does end up in our drinking water and waterways that way. If they can truly burn this stuff the cleanest way possible and use the energy of it to power some homes, I am all for it. Too bad it is in the UK, while our government continues to pretend we don’t have any trash and pollution problems!

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