Bush gives backrub to German Chancellor…sexual harassment??

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**Due to popular demand, I have added the actual video footage below!

If I were to walk up to a woman in my office and start rubbing her back…in a meeting, nonetheless, I better be quick in packing my bags. There would be no second chance, no closed door discussion, no nothing. Out. The. Door.

Somehow, our President thinks its A-OK to walk up behind the Chancellor of Germany and start rubbing her back. You can see from these pictures that she is awfully surprised and uncomfortable with this.

And here is the video:

Is this appropriate behavior for ANY man in ANY company in the USA? I dont think so…but somehow, the BOSS of the USA seems to think that its ok to rub a woman’s (whom happens to be THE LEADER OF ANOTHER COUNTRY) back in a roomful of other people having a meeting.

Sexual Harassment suit anyone?

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