Bush To Veto Climate Change Bill; Continues To Bury Head In Sand.

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According to ENN, George Bush plans to veto the new United States climate change bill because the $6 trillion dollar cost will be too much to handle. Somehow, though, we can always find the money to:

  • Spend $341.4 million, PER DAY, on war
  • Spend $168 billion for the stimulus package
  • Spend $229 million on a tax break for racehorse owners
  • Spend $27.6 million for things like a project at the Yazoo River and Basin, which would drain thousands of acres of wetlands and forests in order to increase useable farm land (that isn’t needed)

Need I go on? There are enough dumb things that we spend/could spend billions of dollars on…but doing something about climate change is definitely not one of them. We are the only major developed country still rejecting the Kyoto Protocol, which sets more stringent targets than this bill does, but yet he (and his cohorts in Congress) still continue to bury their collective heads in the sand.

The best quote of the entire article?

“I urge the Congress to be very careful about running up enormous costs for future generations of Americans,” Bush said at a White House meeting on the economy and taxes. “We’ll work with the Congress, but the idea of a huge spending bill fueled by tax increases isn’t the right way to proceed.”

Be careful about running up enormous costs for future generations?” This coming from a President who has found all-new ways of wasting our money, digging us deeper into debt, and reducing taxes while increasing government spending?

I think my friend Greg said it best in a comment on a previous post, and it pertains to this as well – “We’re not short on oil – we’re short on leadership.


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