Buy Dangerous Toys This Year So You Can Stock Up On Cheaper Toys For Next Year.


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This month’s Kiplinger’s magazine has an article encouraging parents to actually stock up on toys this year because next year they might be more expensive due to tougher safety regulations. Huh? So I should go out and stock up this year on potentially lethal toys to give to my kids next year instead of waiting for the tougher rules to take place? Just to save a few dollars?

Heaven forbid the toys you wait to buy next year cost 10% more because “manufacturers and retailers pass on the costs of more-demanding safety checks in the wake of last summer’s massive recalls involving millions of toys, most made in China”. Since when is saving money more important that our kid’s safety?

That’s just stupid. These people are professional writers? Come on now…

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  1. Perhaps I can just have my friend (who is living in Shanghai) send me a few gallons of LeadRed for Christmas next year. That way I can poison my kids even though the tougher restrictions are in place.


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