Buy Once, Buy For Life: Denim

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Okay, so it may not be for your entire life but you can still buy well-made denim that will last you a lot longer than those $20 “jeans” from your local big box store ever could. Throw in the fact that there are quality denim goods being made right here in America and it makes them even better.

Denim comes in all shapes, sizes, and qualities, which is why you can buy a cheap pair of jeans and a $500 pair that look kind of the same at initial glance. But look a little deeper and you discover that denim can be different weights and fabrics and can come in different styles. These range from raw to selvedge to stretch to polys… the varying types are vastly different from each other and affect price and quality.

Raleigh Denim

All that being said, and saving you from reading through an education in denim, I wanted to point out some manufacturers making quality denim goods here in the United States that will last you a very long time. Buy a pair from some of these outfits and you may not have to buy another pair for many, many years.


These jeans aren’t cheap nor should they be; they are well-made, constructed from quality materials, and should last you many times longer than your standard pair of cheap jeans. Plus, the craftspeople making these jeans take pride in their work, something that is missing from giant brands selling inexpensive goods. Next time you are in the market for a new pair of jeans, take a look at some of these companies doing heritage-style work. You won’t be disappointed.

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  1. That’s quite a list of manufacturers of denim in the US I had no idea there were that many options available. Thanks for the information.

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