Buy Once, Buy For Life: Furniture

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Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected. ~ Steve Jobs

Seems this new Buy Once, Buy for Life series has some serious fans! When I announced this series back in July I figured some of you guys would find it useful and some of you would just gloss over it, but it turns out that there are many readers who are sick and tired of buying cheap, crappy goods that are in need of constant replacement.

For a long time we have been convinced that our disposable lifestyle was the only way to go but it’s time we turn back the clock and spend our money on quality items that can last a lifetime (or two). If that’s what you are thinking too, you aren’t alone. Here are some recent comments from readers of the series:

Pleaseee keep on writing about the buy once, buy for life!!! Great Job!!

Thank you for these articles! I’ve been eyeing a Red Oxx bag for a while now. Don’t stop!

I’m happy to see someone posting quality over cheap price. Let’s get out of the planned planned obsolescence age.

This is a great series! I get so fed up with trying to find quality items that will last. Thanks for starting this series!

I appreciate all the input and topic suggestions I have been receiving via email and if you have one of your own please feel free to get in touch. This week I will be talking a little about furniture and how we can make purchasing decisions that will not only save us money over the long run but will also help protect our environment.

Buy Once, Buy For Life Furniture

Many years ago I purchased this desk from the company Room & Board. It has a solid maple wood top (no veneers) and steel legs. It was built in Minnesota by wood and metal craftspeople who build each one by hand, signing the bottom with their name and date of build. The wood is sustainably sourced and the legs are made from 30 percent recycled steel. It’s simple, well-built, seemingly indestructible, and it will last me the rest of my life. If I had found a desk made from reclaimed wood that was this well-made back then, I would have considered that as well. I couldn’t be happier with my decision as I sit at that desk now typing out this post.

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