Buy Once, Buy For Life: Kaufmann Mercantile


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Coincidence; it’s funny sometimes.

The other day I was reading the latest Kaufmann Mercantile newsletter (which I subscribe to) when their PR folks happened to email me at my web address to ask if I would like to check out their goods. Naturally I said yes, as I am a fan of what they are doing (even outside this website in my “real” life) and thought that maybe some of you hadn’t heard about them – and you really should.

Kaufmann Mercantile is on a mission to source and sell well-made durable goods that are both beautiful and functional. The products they sell are not mass-produced and are researched extensively before being put on the website. The company slogan, “More of What Matters,” refers to the way we should purchase goods made in an ethical fashion and meant to last a lifetime or more.

Quality is the number one priority for the buyers at Kaufmann Mercantile. In 2009, Sebastian Kaufmann set out to change our disposable lifestyle by offering quality goods at reasonable prices. “Options seem endless, but it is extremely difficult to find a product that looks good, is built to last and ages beautifully. Something you want to keep forever,” Kaufmann says. “And that’s what exactly we do.”

I have been checking out KM for a while now and have a bunch of items bookmarked on my computer that I am interested in picking up. The store offers more than 250 items, ranging from office supplies to grooming and beauty offerings to kitchen necessities. Their blog has great articles about the artisans that make products for them and the company offer free shipping on orders over $75 and free return shipping.

Kaufmann Mercantile offers up exactly the type of products I have been talking about in this Buy Once, Buy For Life series so I was more than happy to feature the company here. You can pay a little bit more for quality goods that will last you the rest of your life or you can buy cheaply-made goods at big-box stores that will need replacing every year or so. In the long run, the disposable goods cost us all more, both in a financial and an environmental sense.

Please note that I didn’t accept anything from these guys to feature them here; I just really love their mission and what they are doing. I hope you check them out and consider buying from them next time you are in the market for something they sell.

Visit Kaufmann Mercantile.

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