Buy Once, Buy For Life: The Rise Of The DIY Movement


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Could you be the next creator of a Buy Once, Buy For Life product? Now may be the perfect time to start your own business.

I know, I know; it sounds absolutely crazy. I myself am struggling just to stay afloat as a self-employed freelance entrepreneur in this economy. But hear me out – right now, today, may be the best time for you to begin the process of creating your own destiny and future. Here’s why…

Jobs are scarce. Millions of people are unemployed, some of them for more than 2 years. It’s a scary time to be looking for work. But yet in every corner of this country, people like these men and women are finding their niche, starting their own thing, and making it happen for themselves. They are the DIYers that are bringing well-made goods and quality service back to America.

The rise of the “maker movement” can be attributed to many things in addition to the bad economy: the loss of American-based manufacturing, the influx of cheap Chinese-made products that don’t last, or issues surrounding GMOs and fake foods. But no matter the reason, people are starting businesses based on the DIY ethic and some of them are doing very well for themselves. From gourmet beef jerky and artisanal pickles, small-batch microbrew beer, handcrafted leather wallets, jewelry, and furniture, along with the success of Etsy, many people are depending on themselves for financial security and independence even while the economy collapses around them.

Could that be you? I know I want it to be me.

do it yourself

I have been self-employed for over 6 years and have enjoyed about 90% of it. Working for yourself is difficult at times. But yet I push forward, working on new projects and new business ideas that hopefully will come to fruition in the very near future. I am much more suited to making my own schedule and my own decisions then I am taking orders from someone else, so my goal is to always be my own boss. Besides, it’s nice to know that my labor directly results in money being put in my bank account rather than my labor putting money in someone else’s bank account. It’s not for everyone, but it’s for me.

That being said, this could be your moment. There are many people around the world taking this opportunity to try out a skill, start a business, begin anew. They realize that today is no less of a day than tomorrow is for them to start working on their dream. The economy is bad, there are millions in competition for every job that opens up, and really – what more security do you have at your day job than you would have at running your own business? Having a day job may feel secure, but at any moment on any day the rug could be pulled out from under you.

Think about it. Could now be your time? I am guessing it could be, and I recommend you give the idea more space in your head to percolate. You may just be on to something big and we need more people like you to give everyone else your best.

What are you waiting for?

Do It Yourself – Orange Button image from BigStock.

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  1. Hurrah for self employment! I will say this about DIY – the trouble with making high quality products from sustainable materials is that folks aren’t always willing to pay the price tag for that. I can’t tell you how many times at craft markets folks compared the price of my aprons and lunch bags to ones you could get a Target. Of course Target makes them cheaper! If I had a sweatshop with children who I paid pennies an hour and didn’t care if it fell apart in a year or two, my stuff would have been cheaper, too.

    It’s actually one of the major reasons I shifted from selling my crafts to writing. I feel like there’s so much more advocacy to do, and constantly defending my work was exhausting. At least with the blogging I can get heard and talk about this stuff, and I’m so glad that you’re talking about it, too!

    1. Yea, that’s definitely a downside – people have gotten used to paying pennies for cheap crap, thinking they are getting a deal. Unfortunately, it’s not only bad for the environment but also for them, as they have to always replace the cheap stuff!

      Of course, writing has it’s own fair share of “well, we’ll pay you $1 for that article, isn’t that great!” as I am sure you know, too! We need more DIY of quality goods, so I hope you don’t give up making your aprons! 🙂

  2. I am a regular reader but have not ever commented- I felt the need to comment on this. My husband just left his regular teaching job to be a free lance musician/music teacher. Everyone thinks we are crazy. It is nice to see encouragement for self employment and doing what you love. I was fortunate also to grow up with parents who valued quality over quantity. We are on a tight budget and I have to say it is a lot more cost effective to save up for something quality that is going to last than to keep having to buy new cheap crap every year.

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