Buy Once, Buy For Life: The Carhartt Made in the USA Line


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If you are in the market for rugged workwear that is built to last seemingly forever, it’s quite possible you couldn’t do better than the Carharrt brand. And recently, it got even better.

Carhartt had gone overseas years ago to make some many of its products but has just re-introduced American-based construction with its Carhartt Made in the USA Line series designed in Dearborn, Michigan and manufactured in Kentucky and Tennessee. The company has been making this type of clothing since 1889 and I am so glad to see them rediscovering how important it is to manufacture their goods here in the USA. The company employs over 2,000 workers in Michigan, 900 of which are UFCW members.

The company’s clothing is not too expensive and is constructed to withstand the test of time even under heavy use. The Made in the USA line so far consists of jackets, pants, sweatshirts, and socks, and let’s hope this is only the beginning of Carharrt bringing back all manufacturing to the U.S.

Click on the video below to watch it over on the Carharrt site:

Carhartt Made in the USA Line

I have recently discovered Sierra Trading Post, a discount shopping site that usually has a ton of Carharrt merchandise at really REALLY low prices. Some of it is seconds and some closeout, but the few items I have purchased have been well-worth the money spent. So next time you are looking for some tough workwear, check out the Carhartt Made in the USA Line either on their site or over at Sierra Trading Post. Let’s encourage the company to bring all of its manufacturing back to the USA!

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  1. Good to know, since going car-free I realize I will need warmer clothes for winter Carhartt is very popular here with the farming community and construction workers.

  2. Since I started dating a Mountain Man, I have fallen for Carhartt as well. Well-made clothes that are heavy duty and built to last forever. Sign me up! Thanks for the tip of Sierra Trading having good prices.

  3. I love carhartt!!! my late husband was a construction worker and always had lots of carhartt clothes. I would wear one of his jackets because it was so warm and comfortable out in the weather. I have since retired to florida and was looking for a light jacket for our occasional cold spells. I found an off white hoodie and fell in love with it. when I looked at the label, it was a carhartt for women. I’ve only worn it once but it is perfect. im going over to sierra trading to have a look.

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