Buying Ecologically And Socially Responsible Jewelry.


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When I started looking for more information on diamond alternatives for this post, I came across a company called greenKarat that promotes the use of recycled gold, silver, platinum and titanium along with unaltered and/or synthetic diamonds. While they do not claim to be perfect, they are doing the best they can while still competing with the big guns in this multi billion dollar industry. From their site:

– We use eco-labeling to inform consumers about green certification.
– We believe Fair Trade is good for the environment.
– We applaud ecological gold initiatives.
– We believe in recycling and offer jewelry made from recycled precious metals.
– We oppose diamond mining.
– We believe that process ethics become embedded in the end product.

They are a member of 1% For The Planet, so they also donate 1% of their profits to environmental projects around the world, along with the work they are doing for the jewelry market. Although we did not find them when we were buying our wedding rings, I really wish we had, as we would have bought something from them or another like-minded company in a heartbeat. It just makes sense. So if you are about to buy jewelry for someone or about to buy an engagement or wedding rings, you should look into buying ecologically and socially responsible jewelry from a company like this. A gleaming shiny perfect diamond or a perfect titanium ring should not be worth the sacrifice of human comfort and sustainability in faraway lands…

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  1. There is a small community of people within the jewelry industry that is very dedicated to providing ethically sourced jewelry. I write the only blog dedicated to this subject, and am a jewelry manufacturer myself trying to grapple with these principals.

    We need market support. If just 5% of the people walking into the average jewelry store asked for fair and eco jewelry, the industry would change fast.

    If you want to learn more about hese things, check out my blog.

  2. After seeing the movie Blood Diamond, I can’t believe we put so much value on a stone. We make is valuable because we want to have that big rock on our finger. I have to agree, diamonds are beautiful, but is it worth more than human lives and rights? We are just a bunch of spoiled bratz. I am getting married this winter and looking for alternatives so I”™m glad I found resources. The ring is not important; Love is. I couldn”™t wear a diamond on my finger for the rest of my life; I would feel guilty and think about it all the time. I”™m not even sure about the conflict-free diamonds. Personally, I would rather wear a used ring; it has a soul, karma. The older, the better.

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