California Runs Out Of HOV Lane Stickers For Hybrids; Greens Cry.

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Congrats California, you have too many hybrids on the road! California has been issuing stickers to owners of hybrid vehicles so that they may drive in the HOV lane with only one person in the car as opposed to having passengers. While I am sure that most people bought their hybrids to help the environment, this was quite an added bonus here in gridlock land. But now, California has run out of the 85,000 stickers that were offered under state law. So if you just bought a hybrid, you are out of luck.

I guess you can look at this two different ways. First, isn’t it fantastic that we have more than 85,000 hybrid vehicles on the road? I mean, that is quite an accomplishment! For that many people to have embraced hybrids is a good thing for the environment, and hopefully it will mean that many more people will be doing the same.

On the other hand, how stupid is that? California is taking away a big incentive to get people to buy hybrids. Getting to work on time is a big incentive to buy a hybrid and be able to drive in the HOV lane! So now with this stupid state law, we have to wait for them to discuss the issue to figure out what to do next. Knowing California lawmakers, a new batch of stickers could be oh….11 years away.

We need more people buying hybrids, not less. And for California to put a cap of only 85,000 HOV lane stickers into effect, they might actually be forcing willing customers away from the extra expense of a hybrid.

Come on California, get with it…the hybrid owners want action!

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