Could Calisthenics be Better For Your Health Than Lifting Weights?

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Co-ordination, balance and agility are also developed through calisthenics. With some of the movements, for example the plank (described below) real concentration is required to hold the position, meaning that the mind is also brought into this full-body exercise.

Yoga could certainly be considered a form of calisthenics, and that is a great example of holistic exercise, which requires focus and an opportunity for meditation as a part of the workout. This is further enhanced by the ability to take the exercise outside into nature. With calisthenics there is almost no limit to where you can perform your workout, meaning that the sunrise could easily become your backdrop.

Scientific research has been conducted into the benefits of calisthenics for older ladies, and the conclusions have been favourable, as seen below:

Four month regular calisthenics enhanced physical fitness and parameters of quality of life such as physical functioning, bodily pain, general health perceptions, vitality, social functioning, role limitation of emotional, role limitation of physical, mental health in elderly women.

Limitations of Calisthenics

Calisthenics is limited by the fact that the amount of weight is restricted, limited to the weight of the body. This means that it doesn’t build muscles as quickly as weight lifting. If that is your goal, then you may need to incorporate both techniques into your training.

Health Benefits of Weight Lifting

When compared to calisthenics, weight lifting can help to build bigger, stronger individual muscles much faster. The resistance can quickly and easily be increased. The amount of weight can also be varied throughout a workout.

This also means that lighter weights can be used at the beginning of a fitness journey, when body weight is too much.

Limitations of Weight Lifting

There are a number of limitations for weight lifting, for one thing it is inconvenient. It is difficult to travel with free weights to make a work out mobile. When it comes to the large machines the exercise is restricted to the gym only.

There is of course an option to create a gym environment at home, but this requires a large amount of space and a large investment of money.

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  1. Calisthenics rules!

    I’ve been practicing it for the past year and the strnegth I’ve gained along with the enjoyment I get over mastering my body and the various calisthenic exercises is something unmached to heavy weight lifting.

    I’ve also found myself losing the aches and pains I used to live with after a heavy weight session, usually around my kneck and shoulders.

    Plus, the pull up bar and hangging is extremely good for shoulder health, so if you have bad shoulders I highly recommend a daily hanging session on a pull up bar.

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