Government Control. Should We Obey or Rebel?

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In general, we may not be expressly forbidden from behaving in certain ways, there are not too many laws controlling our every move, but there are unwritten boundaries. We are aware that there are certain things that are ‘just not done’. For now, that is enough to keep the majority of us ‘obedient’ so societal norms.

But what is happening in the corporate world is shaping our future, and it is not looking rosy. Gradually it is becoming somewhere that we won’t want to live.

Already power is enjoyed by companies over countries. Multinational corporations spread across the Globe, largely calling the shots. Brands and celebrities are the sought after and adored. Business is controlling government.

Are We Really Being Exploited?

Does this really matter? What could our future look like if we continue to go along with these changes?

Corporations learned how to control the masses in World War 2. That may sound ridiculous, but it was necessary during that time to get everyone working together for the greater good. To increase productivity and industry. To persuade people to give up their loved ones, and to sign up to fight.

How was this achieved? Through mass propaganda and focus on industry. With new insights into psychology it was possible to create a happy image of a factory working woman, waving of her hero husband. The result was enormously profitable to businesses – and they didn’t forget the lessons they had learned when the war ended.

One perspective is that big businesses have the ability to control employment, and by branching out into various states, they can hold power over the constituencies where their offices are located, through maintaining low levels of unemployment.

Policies are therefore created to benefit the corporations, who are enabling the government to save face, by keeping it’s people in jobs.

Meanwhile, community papers documenting local news stories and events are slowly losing popularity and dying out in favour of mass media. Everyone knows what Lady Gaga wore last night, but not the date of the local fundraising fair. Community life seems insignificant, somehow less glamorous than the global life we could be living on screen.

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