Government Control. Should We Obey or Rebel?

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In this way everything is becoming more centralised and more commercialised. We are so used to seeing advertising on every inch of available space that we barely realise it now. Subliminal messages are seeping in constantly.

We travel the world and are unsurprised to purchase the same burger in the same packaging no matter where we are. And with that comes the same litter, the same pollution. Globally.

The number of large corporations that control virtually everything we read, see and hear – including our educational text books – is a ridiculously small….six.

Wind Up Men
Wind Up Men


It becomes worrying when we consider that these enormous corporations have more than just a suggestive hold over those in power. Many governments privatise substantial portions of their functions to outside business.

This means that our public facilities are owned and controlled by profit making corporations – whose first consideration is not the wellbeing of the people.

Governments are being run like companies. You can see this by the free movement of people move between politics and business. CEOs and politicians seem to need the same set of skills – which should be surprising to us.

Education is controlled by government budgets, and can be squeezed whenever ‘necessary’, leaving the Corporates to step in, offering funding, at what price?

The Deans of Universities are staggeringly well paid – these individuals shaping the next generation of powerful people. Could they be influenced by those Corporations paying their salaries and offering enormous donations to the schools? I don’t think it is a stretch to say that it is likely.

‘Obey’ calls this current system ‘Inverted Totalitarianism’.

Inverted Totalitarianism

What exactly is that? According to the documentary, it is a system of control with no one charismatic leader or set of rules at the top. There is no obvious players, no clear shackles – but they are there none the less.

The Corporate States are largely faceless and anonymous, and from their glass towers they can still corrupt and manipulate what is happening.

Consider Monsanto, who own the seeds, the pesticides to control the seeds and the medicine for those who become sick as a result of the pesticides….and who knows what they may have ready for the side effects that come of eating their chemically enhanced crops.

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