Carnival of the Green # 100!


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I am pleased and honored to be hosting the 100th Carnival of the Green. 100? Really? How times flies! That is quite an achievement…100 weeks of Green-ness! Without further ado, here are the articles that were submitted and that made it into the Carnival this week. We got an unusually high amount of submissions this week, probably because it was the 100th Carnival, so if you participated, please make sure to link to the Carnival from your site so that your readers will have a chance to check out all the other posts!

My five personal favorites from this week’s submissions are:

Sending things back… posted at Fake Plastic Fish. This post is about sending it back. And no, I’m not talking about that mean thing that sport fishermen do. I’m referring to unwanted plastic that shows up my my doorstep unsolicited. I’ve decided that in addition to e-mailing or sending a letter to the company, I’m just going to ship it right back to them!

The Simple Secret to Making a Greener World posted at Lighter Footstep. The era of single-occupant, six thousand pound vehicles is over. So is the expectation of limitless fresh water, productive farmland, and the energy to bring food and goods to market if we continue to apply yesterday’s solutions to contemporary problems.

Greenest School in the World is a Renovation! posted at Jetson Green. The Sidwell Friends School is the first LEED Platinum-rated K-12 school in the world, but what’s incredible is the story behind it. First, it’s a renovation of a fifty year old facility. Second, the renovation involved the students, so everyone was able to participate and learn about the benefits of a green building.

Milk Money posted at Mindful Momma. Where does your milk dollar go? Do you buck up for organic? Go rBGH-free? Regular? Raw? Non/Low/Full-Fat? Heck, there’s even a brand that supports my kid’s school. WAY too many choices – for what should be one of the (few) simple buying decisions at the grocery.

6 Tips for eating locally in winter posted at Sustainable Food Blog. Just like there’s a learning curve to eating locally, there’s another curve for learning to eat locally in the winter. It’s not much harder, but requires a different knowledge base. Here are some tips to get you started with local winter food.

And here are the rest of the submissions, no less great than the first five!

Eco-Friendly Oahu posted at Go Oahu Card Blog.

Green Living – Helping the Environment posted at LifeEdit.

UK’s nuclear consultation sham posted at EcoStreet.

Product Review: Soapnuts (Or The Amazing Natural Cleaning Nuts!) posted at Life Goggles.

10 Simple Ways To Save Money And The Environment posted at The Digerati Life

Get Rid of Unwanted Mail. It’s Bad for your Wallet and Bad for the Environment posted at Grad Money Matters.

Hybrid car pitch a step backwards posted at

Scoring With an Eco Chick and Good Clean Love posted at Natural Family Living Blog.

AskPablo: What is the Cost of Carbon? posted at Triple Pundit.

Little things you can do to save money and our planet posted at Moolanomy.

Carless log: 4 days per week posted at Jen’s Green Journal.

Seafood benefits vs. mercury risks posted at Blogfish.

Using Shredded Paper posted at Stop the Ride!.

How You are Impacting the World (Blog Action Day) posted at Edith Yeung.Com: Dream. Think. Act.

Imagine posted at What Works For Us.

Light Bulb Laws: The CFL Lobby vs. Personal Choice posted at Queercents.

Going Green this Halloween posted at The Not Quite Crunchy Parent

We’re Not So Unique: Research Shows Birds Have Human Qualities posted at Veggie Revolution.

Ribble Barrage and Floodplain Building Developments Take ‘Backward Step’ – Has The Ribble Been Saved? posted at Save The Ribble

Chief carbon officers posted at Sox First

This Little Piggy Saved the Planet posted at Intelligent Travel.

Foiled in the Kitchen No More posted at Etched By Stone.

Investing in Socially Responsible Mutual Funds posted at Saving Advice Blog.

Green Chemistry Mimics the Cellular Process of Drug Synthesis posted at Highlight Health.

Jane Goodall – A Personal Tribute posted at The Primate Diaries.

Many thanks toEthical Junction, the host from last week and to Money and Values, who will be next week’s host. And for more information on the Carnival itself be sure to visitTreeHugger’s Carnival Page.

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  3. Wow, this carnival WAS mighty popular! Thanks for linking us & thanks to all of our eco-friends. I have plenty of green reading to do for the next week 😀 I’ll be sure to Digg & StumbleUpon my favorites.

    Shannon B.
    Go Oahu Card Blog

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