“Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day” sponsored by the RNC


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Oh. My. Friggin. God. I am speechless.

From StateNews

“Events allegedly planned to recruit students to the Republican Party at the University of Michigan have both Republicans and Democrats across the nation stunned.

Morgan Wilkins, an independent contractor hired by the College Republican National Committee to recruit students to the party, was described as planning events such as “Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day” and “Fun with Guns Day,” in an article written Tuesday by The Michigan Daily.

“Catch an Illegal Immigrant Day” would involve volunteers posing as illegal immigrants and hiding on campus while students try to find them for prizes. For the “Fun with Guns” activity, students would shoot cardboard cutouts of Democratic leaders with BB or paintball guns.”

I dont even know what to say. The lows these people stoop to never cease to amaze me.

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  1. this is where I could insert some general, sweeping statement about how Michigan attracts crazy people.

    but I won’t.

    of course, I probably just did.

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