Change Your Perspective On Your Problems.


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Having a bad day? Stuck in traffic? Bank account running a little low? A little warm inside your 2,000 square foot home today? Life can be rough some days for those of us in the First World (I hate that expression, but it’s the only one that works), and more often than not we turn petty little issues into something much bigger. Sure, we have real problems – some of us are sick, some of us are hungry, and some of us are homeless – and I do not want to minimize the true issues we have here. But sometimes a reminder of how billions of other humans currently live around the world can serve as a helpful change of perspective we need. I show these images not to upset you or to make you feel guilty; rather, as a kind of “call to action” to both recognize how you live your life and to help out those less fortunate (here and abroad) if you are able. We’re all in this together and we are all cut from the same cloth…

Afghan Children

Shanty Village

American E-Waste Overseas

Coastal Pollution

Family Home

Poor Child Looking For Food

The people in these images are not some strange aliens living in a different solar system; rather, they are people just like you and I who happened to be born into different circumstances than we did. That’s it – the luck of the draw. Over 30,000 people (85% children) die each and every day from starvation because they cannot get enough to eat on a planet where some have way more than they need.

That’s a real problem.

Our problems seem very real when we are faced with them on a day to day basis, without a doubt. However, the majority of them are simply meaningless when we look at what other humans just like us are faced with their entire lives. All I ask is that you keep that in mind.

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