Humans Changing Climate: Stronger Storms & Weather On The Way

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Still don’t believe that we humans are changing our climate for the worse? Maybe a new study by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) will change your mind. According the report, in the coming decades we can expect stronger storms, hotter and longer heat weaves, higher average temperatures, and much more precipitation. Seems we may be in for a doozy of a future here on planet earth if we don’t quickly clean up our act. Remember a few weeks back I mentioned a report from the International Energy Agency which stated that we are in for irreversible climate change if we don’t act before 2017? Seems this study by the IPCC backs up that study, and more:

  • A changing climate leads to changes in the frequency, intensity, spatial extent, duration, and timing of extreme weather and climate events, and can result in unprecedented extreme weather and climate events.
  • Extreme events will have greater impacts on sectors with closer links to climate, such as water, agriculture and food security, forestry, health, and tourism.
  • Models project substantial warming in temperature extremes by the end of the 21st century.
  • It is virtually certain that increases in the frequency of warm daily temperature extremes and decreases
    in cold extremes will occur throughout the 21st century on a global scale. It is very likely—90 per cent to 100 per cent probability—that heat waves will increase in length, frequency, and/or intensity over most land areas

The important thing to always remember is that climate change does not cause these extreme weather conditions; it is only a catalyst for weather to become more extreme over time. So the next time it is freezing cold out and someone says they don’t believe in climate change only because it’s cold, well, you know what to tell them.

If so inclined, you can read IPCC summary report here (PDF Download). The full report is due to be released in 2013.

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