Children gave more to Katrina fund than U.S. corporations did.


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The generousity of the American company sure does shine through in this story!

Remember Hurricane Katrina? Remember how much help all those people needed?

Obviously children realized how much help these hurricane victims were going to need, as they donated more than $10 MILLION dollars to relief funds by holding bake sales, making lemonade stands and holding car washes. Ten Million Dollars. Raised by kids.

However, American companies could not even donate that much. Not Chevron, not AT&T, not Verizon, not GE or Coca-Cola. These kids around the country were able to donate more money to these funds than these huge, multi-billion dollar corporations could.

That sucks.

Only 5…yes FIVE…companies gave more money than the kids did.

What the hell is wrong with this country when kids holding lemonade stands donate more money to the needy than major billion dollar companies?

Greedy bastards.

Thank you to all the kids that donated their savings and their earnings from these projects…you deserve big kudos for all that you did.

For more information and the sources to back up the data: U.S. School Kids Donate More to Katrina Relief Than Most Big Corporations

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  1. A whole bunch of indie crafters came together right after Katrina to raise over $25,000 for relief. I was very touched by this, as I’m pretty involved in the online indie craft community and was affected by Katrina.

    Didn’t one of the areas affected by the tsunami also donate a very signifcant amount to Katrina relief as well?

    I personally love the fact that the Entergy corporation made a profit on the national level, but the New Orleans section of the Entergy company is now bankrupt and passing on the costs to us consumers who are still trying to deal with all of our own recovery costs.

    Isn’t corporate greed grand? BTW, have you seen this film?

    I caught it on Sundance a few weeks back. Very good. Made me very angry.

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