The Definitive Guide To Choosing A Water Filter

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Welcome to The Good Human’s Definitive Guide to choosing the best water filter.

I should really start with an apology….there is no one answer to this question. Growing concern about the safety of our drinking water has led to a rise in availability of water filtration systems.

However, they are not all created equal. Water filters on the market vary in their abilities – drastically! What we do promise then, is to explain the different options available – and the pros and cons of each. That way, you should be able to identify the best water filter….for your unique needs.

We will explain the different types of filter, and look at the least expensive options, the most effective all round options, those that soften hard water and then those that target specific contaminants that you are hoping to avoid.

Why Filter Our Water?

I don’t need to tell you the importance of drinking plenty of water – we have heard that enough times. The problem is that our tap water and even bottled water is not as pure as we would hope.

Bacteria, pesticides and detergents amongst other things are regularly found present in the water that we use to drink. The very chemicals that are used to clean the bacteria in our water supply could also be doing harm to our bodies. Chlorine in particular has been linked to many diseases and birth defects. Aluminium and fluoride are amongst the other main concerns as confirmed by many scientific studies.

There have been equally valid concerns raised about bottled water. It is often no better in quality than the water that comes from our tap, but with the added problem of being contained in plastic bottles that leach estrogenic chemicals into the mix.

Many manufacturers of water filters claim to remove chlorine, lead and other contaminants from tap water with their purification processes. As we have already said, these systems vary in cost and effectiveness.
Comparing water filters is difficult as most do not clearly display filtration figures on their websites.

Fortunately, we have the NSF – a non profit organisation that independently tests water filters and certifies exactly what contaminants are removed by each. Many water filtration companies are not certified by NSF, and this means that claims that they make are not independently verified.

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