Clean Your Windows Without Harming The Environment.


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Growing up, I am sure that your house had the same stuff in it that was used to clean the windows and mirrors. Windex, right? But did you know that Windex contains 2-Butoxyethanol, which according to SF Gate, “produces reproductive problems, such as testicular damage, reduced fertility, death of embryos and birth defects.” Sounds like a great thing to spray on your windows and mirrors, no? Well thankfully you don’t have to use this dangerous chemical to clean them and there is a great natural alternative.

By combining 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar, you can make a mean window and mirror cleaner.
Adding a few drops of your favorite essential oil does make it smell more pleasant, but it doesn’t change its cleaning ability. Combine this new cleaner with a reusable cloth, and you have yourself a great non-toxic window cleaner. No longer will you have to spray dangerous chemicals in the bathroom just to see yourself!

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  1. i heard adding rubbing alcohol to the mix is helpful because it helps the spray evaporate faster, leaving less streaks. I haven’t tried it yet… not sure why not considering I have everything I need sitting in the cabinet…. *trots off to mix up some cleaner at 2am*

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